MOUNTAIN pottery // new pottery studio

I mentioned in my last post about our abrupt house move, so here is a tour of the new studio location. We love it, and have settled in so easily since it is basically the exact same loft style as our last house. It’s a beautifully rustic mud brick loft, on a 60 acre farm in Narre Warren North, Melbourne. surrounded by rolling hills and other farms in all directions. The owner of the place has another house on the property and visits every now and then to use his pottery studio (I met him in my glaze class), or to do a wood firing, oh did I mention the property comes with a wood fire kiln, awesome!!! We have two cows at the moment that we have named Heffeen and Fatima – affectionately named for their voluptuous curves. And chickens and a huge vegetable patch, grape vines and a small orchard of all different fruit, we are in heaven here.

So you can see why the offer was impossible to refuse, and why we would put ourselves through the ordeal of moving house (and pottery studio). Can you believe our luck, we still can’t, but honestly with the past year we feel it’s about time : )

home sweet home..

the new studio view, just as beautiful as before

making pottery with the company of Heffeen and Fatima

the beast, wood fire kiln based on Steve Harrison’s train kiln design, this kiln has already been modified after not reaching temperature 4 times, the chamber has been removed and it has been lined with ceramic fibre in more of a throat kiln style.

the vegetable patch that needs attention

to the left the owner barn pottery studio / justin’s home studio, the kiln shed with chimney poking out, and our little house,

even in bad weather the place is beautiful, its nice watching the storms roll in.


About MOUNTAINpottery

Mountain Pottery is designed and handmade by Deanne Sarita Smart. The studio is located in a small town of Sassafras in the Mountains of Australia. This pottery is made to be collected, loved and used everyday as some of your most treasured belongings. Each piece is unique and made to order. Aside from being beautiful and functional objects, each collection has an underlying meaning, message or intention. All the vessels are inspired in some way by myth, nature, and symbolic language. About this blog // This blog is designed to be a place of inspiration to others with the same interests and point of view, as well as a look into the creation of Mountain Pottery.

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