Mountain Pottery // Autumn on the Mountain

It has been a long time between posts, I thought I would just do a quick post that explains why. I have been taking a glaze class and a ceramic history class to broaden my knowledge of the craft, and to learn deeper technical theory of glazes and there formulation and chemical compositions, which is all extremely fascinating and exciting, but also comes with allot of research assignments.

Lucky for me I love doing research, but unlucky that I don’t like being told what to do, so when I am told I need to research a chosen topic I don’t want to do it, and I find myself avoiding doing the research which ordinarily I would be doing anyway when ever I got the chance, frustrating, why is that? So thats been the struggle for me for the last few mouths, wanting to do research but not wanting to assignments and getting no work done in the process.

But anyway at the moment I have been working on researching Ash Glazes, which has pretty much means that I haven’t had time to be working on anything else! After days of reading everything I could find, and gathering information, this morning I found myself just sitting and staring at my computer screen in some sort of catatonic state, wanting to do my assignment but unable to move. After several minutes of more staring I thought, this is hopeless, I need to get out.

sunny day at mountain pottery

It was such a nice day outside, so I thought maybe a walk would get me motivated, so I got my shoes and my little pug dog and went to the park to feed the ducks. The park grounds I go to are the Alfred Nicholas gardens, here in the Mountains, which is so beautiful and just down the road from me, there is a picturesque lake and its so peaceful during the day when no-one is around. Because it is autumn all the leave are beginning to turn and fall, and just to get me making again I gathered some leaves to make some cliche leaf impressed dishes, (but hopefully my will be more beautiful than cliche). Heres some of the collection including some chestnut and magnolia leaves and a few others.

So anyway, look forward to seeing these in process, and a lot more post updates to come. They have just been banking up while I have been busy so I apologize in advance for the flood of posts that will come all at once when I get the chance soon. Some of the post to come are my visit to a wood fire pottery, making rice hull ash for a japanese style Nuka glaze, processing wood ash for glaze, glaze tests, my neolithic pot update, and I’m sure there is more I can’t remember but all that just reminds me how much work I have to do so, back to it….

By the way I will be posting up some of my Ash glaze research, glaze results and some of the glaze recipes, so if your interested, keep an eye out for that too.



About MOUNTAINpottery

Mountain Pottery is designed and handmade by Deanne Sarita Smart. The studio is located in a small town of Sassafras in the Mountains of Australia. This pottery is made to be collected, loved and used everyday as some of your most treasured belongings. Each piece is unique and made to order. Aside from being beautiful and functional objects, each collection has an underlying meaning, message or intention. All the vessels are inspired in some way by myth, nature, and symbolic language. About this blog // This blog is designed to be a place of inspiration to others with the same interests and point of view, as well as a look into the creation of Mountain Pottery.

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