Potter // Clair Catillaz

Style is something that just seems to come naturally to the Brooklyn potter and creator of CLAM LAB, Clair Catillaz. She has a way of making her pottery robust and rustic, modern and elegant all at once. I think its magic! Witchcraft or not I looove it, I’m most in love with her tea bowls they are genius, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to come up with a concept of a shape thats better…… yet, I’m working on it. Check out her other work and some interviews on her website here.


About MOUNTAINpottery

Mountain Pottery is designed and handmade by Deanne Sarita Smart. The studio is located in a small town of Sassafras in the Mountains of Australia. This pottery is made to be collected, loved and used everyday as some of your most treasured belongings. Each piece is unique and made to order. Aside from being beautiful and functional objects, each collection has an underlying meaning, message or intention. All the vessels are inspired in some way by myth, nature, and symbolic language. About this blog // This blog is designed to be a place of inspiration to others with the same interests and point of view, as well as a look into the creation of Mountain Pottery.

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