MOUNTAIN pottery // Alchemy Collection

This is the first piece in the collection, based on Alchemical laboratory equipment, the crucible cup was used to hold chemical compounds while they were heated to very high temperatures. The rim on the cup is shaped in a rounded triangle. The inspiration behind this series comes from my fascination with Alchemy, if your not familiar with the subject, it is the first form of science, from a time when humans still believed in magic and other worldliness, and approched science this way also. Read more about alchemy here. The works in this collection are all carved with an Alchemical symbol referring to what they are made for. This design is a cup with a water/liquid symbol. Individually hand thrown an altered, it is made out of durable white high fire stoneware, clear glazed inside, raw clay surface, and fits nicely in your hand.   Purchase – $28 each, or set of six $146 (slightly less for Australian customers). These pieces are made to order, if you are interested in purchasing anything from this collection please contact me directly for more information or shop online at my etsy store MOUNTAINpottery here. More to come soon…

Crucible Cup with Alchemical symbol / water

handmade stoneware glazed pottery cup


About MOUNTAINpottery

Mountain Pottery is designed and handmade by Deanne Sarita Smart. The studio is located in a small town of Sassafras in the Mountains of Australia. This pottery is made to be collected, loved and used everyday as some of your most treasured belongings. Each piece is unique and made to order. Aside from being beautiful and functional objects, each collection has an underlying meaning, message or intention. All the vessels are inspired in some way by myth, nature, and symbolic language. About this blog // This blog is designed to be a place of inspiration to others with the same interests and point of view, as well as a look into the creation of Mountain Pottery.